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About This Project

This project is a two pronged effort to help smaller Android developers get some promotion for their apps, and also to get some promotion for my own projects. DPoisn LLC does app development. So we have some good ideas what represents a good app.

There are plenty of review sites out there. Like, a whole lot. We've tried to promote our apps through those sites. All to no avail. Why, you may ask? Usually it's because the site tells you they will review the app, but if you want it done this month, it will cost you $25-$100. If you want it done this year, that's more like $200.

There are sites that do reviews for free. Well, one we found... You email them all your information, and then you never hear anything.

In short, this site is an effort to help smaller developers like us get some promotion without breaking the bank. We are trying to even the playing field a bit.

Anyway, the point is we are of the mind that there needs to be a better way. The Android market is absolutely saturated. Most of the apps that are there are clones of other apps. The review system on Google Play sucks. The good reviews are paid for, the bad reviews are from people who don't know anything about what makes a good app.

Free reviews? Really?

We are making the initial attempt to do as many reviews as we can for FREE. Yes, we really plan to do that. For a while... Once it gets to a point where we are reviewing more apps than we can keep up with, we will add a fee. We have not decided what that fee will be.

The point is, get in now while it's still free. At some point that is going to change. But we promise you, when that happens, it's not going to be a crushing outrageous fee. It will just be so that we can make running this site worth the time.

Having said all of that, I am not above accepting donations. If you feel that this service has done something good for you, and you would like to help support future projects like this, I would appreciate any donation you would like to give.


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