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Color Bump 3D

By: Good Job Games




Type: Game
Category: Skill

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Very easy to play, too hard to master. Do not touch other Colors, that is it!


Date: 2019-08-18

Title: Love this game

Average score: 9.3


The best description I've heard of this game is, "It's very satisfying". And I think that clearly tells most of what you need to know.

The most impressive thing is how smooth the game plays. With all of those objects on the screen moving and interacting, you expect it to slow down. But it never does. They did a wonderful job with the physics.

The one big problem I have is the ads. Every time you finish a level, or fail, you have to watch at least one 30 second ad. I HATE that. The ads destroy the experience. So I turn my data off when I'm playing.

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