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Pistol shooting at the target. Weapon simulator.

By: LSH Games Studio




Type: Game
Category: Simulation

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Shooting a pistol with the "alignment of a front sight", as from a real weapon.


Date: 2019-10-22

Title: Fun shooting game

Average score: 7.2


This game was developed with Unity. It kinda makes this difficult to give a serious review because it means that the developer used an awful lot of prewritten code to develop the game. That is what Unity is for. Rapid game development using existing models.

This same author submitted another app at the same time that is literally the exact same model with different graphics and slightly different physics. I will mention that in the review for that app.

I don't mean to sound like I am knocking Unity, because I'm not. I get why people use it. But if you are developing games with that system, you can't really call yourself a "developer". The games are prewritten. All you are doing is putting your own graphics on it. So these games exist by the hundreds with slightly different graphics made by different people.

The game consists of aiming a gun and trying to hit a target for score. There are a few different modes, so you are not always shooting at a still target. There are modes for moving targets, plus there is wind to make it more challenging

The game is fun to play. I tried a few different modes. I had fun with it. And I really must say that I like the graphics a lot. Very nice and clean.

Sorry if this review is exactly like the other review. But it's the exact same game.

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