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(last update: 2023-12-05)

Welcome... This site is brand new. As such we are actively seeking new submissions of Android apps for review.

We are not reviewing iPhone or Windows apps. Only Android. But on the plus side, we are also not charging for doing the reviews.

Yes, you read that right. For now, until we get a reasonable user base, reviews will be done for FREE. This is basically free advertising for your app!

We promise to be fair and constructive with our reviews. Which means that even if your app really sucks, you'll get a constructive review to point out the good parts, and where it could use improvement.

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About Us
minion, the parent company, is an app developer. We have some 25 apps on the Play Store. So we certainly have some good ideas about what makes a good and useful app. We have come up with a scoring model that incorporates a number of attributes that we consider important. Things like, design, artwork, speed, playability, etc... The final rating is a score from 1 to 10. Although, as we mention before, there will be no scores of 1 unless your app is a really offensive pile of garbage.

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One last thing...

We seriously don't think that you really want yet another account to maintain. So we won't make you create one. You can sign in with your Google account.
This makes things really easy for everyone. And, seriously, if you're an Android developer, you've got a Google account.

The only things we are pulling from your Google account is your name, icon, and email. So there is no need to be concerned about privacy.

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