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Math Tricks Tips Number Tricks Ingenious

By: Ping Yan




Type: Education
Category: Learning

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All of us want to have an excellent math skills,but how to get the skills?This math ingenious app will help you.

The app mainly includes +,-,x,/,and for each math calculation,we give you some examples.

By learning all the examples,you will get the math trick skills.

By practicing all the examinations,you will master the math trick skills.


Date: 2019-08-18

Title: Very helpful study tool

Average score: 7.1


This game is very handy if you are trying to brush up your math skills. Or, if you are having trouble with math and would like to get some more practice.

The interface was a little strange to get used to at first glance. But that is probably because I was testing it on a Chromebook. But because it fits nicely on the full screen, we know it looks as good on a tablet as it does on a phone. Even if there is a lot of extra space.

The game itself is well designed. Everything appears to be generated in a truly random fashion. And that's a big plus. Because the game will never be the same no matter how many times you play.

This is not a graphical action game. It's more of a study/practice game. I suspect that the place this will be most useful is younger students.

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