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Big City Dreams

By: Bit_Byte




Type: Game
Category: Simulation

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🏙️ Upgrade quaint cottages to towering skyscrapers.
🚃 Solve traffic problems with streetcars and elevated rail.
🚗 Design and manufacture automobiles. Then sell them at a dealership.
🚂 Lay railroad tracks and transport goods by train.
🎖️ Build an army and invade other cities.
😊 Form alliances and trade agreements.
🏆 Play fun mini games and win rewards.


Date: 2019-12-10

Title: Very impressive

Average score: 8.7


I've always loved games like this.  This is old school!  Although it is done with a modern take on the model.  Also, it seems that this entire app was a custom built job, and NOT done with Unity or some other prewritten engine.  That alone raises the respect level for this game.

It is really well done!  It's got all the options you would expect, and the graphics/animation are really good.

This app so far may have the highest overall score of anything I have reviewed.  This game really sets the bar high.


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